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Narfi, Betrayer King.jpg
Race Zombie
Birthplace Karfell, Kaldheim
Lifetime Mending Era

King Narfi is a zombie wizard from Karfell on Kaldheim.


Generations ago, Narfi was the king of Karfell. Narfi's father had signed a pact with the elves and was rewarded with a magical longship that could bring any number of people between realms. Narfi used the longship to ferry his army to new realms and raid at will. His wealth soon overflowed the Port of Marn, and his treasure and military became famous across the realms. However, when the elves came to collect on their side of the deal, asking Narfi for his armies in their war against the gods, Narfi refused. He intended to run away, but the elves took back their longship until he agreed to help. That night, a strange visitor came to Narfi and offered his assistance. He would lead the army in Narfi's stead against the elves and, in exchange, he and his people would be protected from death. Narfi agreed. This way, he got to stay out of it and his people (and riches) would be safe. However, as his soldiers fell on the battlefield, they rose once more as draugr. The visitor revealed himself to be Egon, future God of the Dead. Narfi realized that he too had been transformed into an undead — forever safe from a death that never comes. Hundreds of years later, Narfi is still a cruel king driven by a lust for power and wealth.[1]

King Narfi maintains an army of raiders known as the Dread Marn. Whenever a Doomskar or Omenpath presents the opportunity, the Dread Marn pillage other realms in search of more treasure to add to Karfell's already packed treasure vaults.[2]

Narfi made a deal with Tibalt, in exchange for the King keeping the god Valki in his dungeon he and his Dread Marn would have access to the best treasures of the other realms when the Doomskar started.[3]

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