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Race Elf
Birthplace Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime Unknown

Nath was a taercenn (superior commander) of the Gilt-Leaf hunters. He was one of the most seasoned warriors of the Gilt-Leaf tribe and despised everything that was considered ugly by elvish standards. Nath was a ruthless commander, knowing no mercy and never hesitating to kill any of his subordinates when they failed.


In the days of the Lorwyn story, Nath was already an old and wizened creature, and he hid his true appearance behind a glamor spell. This glamor failed only under the most strained conditions, like when Nath was unconscious but was not easily dispelled in battle.

Nath arrived to punish daen Rhys of the Hemlock pack when the latter used two giants, Brion and Kiel, as a backup plan for a pacifying a boggart settlement. He killed Yelm, a young hunter who caused the attack to fail when he loosed an arrow prematurely. He degraded Rhys and gave the command of the Hemlock pack to Rhys' former second-in-command, daen Gryffid.

Later, Nath ordered the Gilt-Leaf hunters to attack a peaceful boggart gathering, the Feast of Footbottom. Rhys was reluctant, but he obeyed the orders. The elvish attack went terribly wrong when the boggarts became enraged and started to fight back as feral, wild animals, killing numerous elves. In the darkest hour of the battle, Rhys called for the might of yew poison magic to turn the tables from crushing defeat. The resulting blast defiled a huge portion of the forest and killed everyone but Rhys, Gryffid, who was touching him, and Nath, who was shielded by his cervin. Rhys lost his horns and fled. Gryffid saw Nath in his true form and was offered the following: either keep Nath's secret and be properly rewarded, or not keep it and be transformed into a vinebred soldier. After Gryffid chose the former, Nath healed him and promoted him to Exquisite class.


Later, Nath and Gryffid came to Kinsbaile in pursuit of Rhys. The taercenn planned to use the opportunity to annex Kinsbaile and build an elvish outpost there. There, they set out to ambush Rhys. When Rhys returned, the elves hunted him down, and Nath challenged him into a duel, to provide him "a hunter's death." Rhys threw his sword at Nath and fled, only to meet the taercenn later elsewhere, at different terms. Nath badly wounded Rhys, but Rhys managed to win the fight when he gripped Nath's horns and twisted them until he snapped his neck. Upon the taercenn's death, his glamor spell failed. His wrinkled form was later found by Gryffid and other hunters. Gryffid set up a funeral pyre for Nath, took his silver sword, and swore a revenge vow - that he would find Rhys and kill him for this, shall woe betide a half of Lorwyn during his hunt or not.

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