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Nathan Holt
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Nathan Holt is an actor and Magic player from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, most famous for the web video series Walking the Planes in which he plays himself as well as an unnamed Planeswalker.

The series started when Holt convinced his friend Shawn Kornhauser (who at the time had never played a game of Magic) to help him produce a video documenting Pro Tour Philadelphia 2011. After the video became a hit on YouTube, Holt and Kornhauser raised money via donations to produce a similar video at the 2011 World Championships in San Francisco. They were then approached by Wizards of the Coast to continue their video series and have it featured on The duo has also produced some smaller videos which are often used as time-fillers during breaks in the video coverage of large scale tournaments such as Grand Prixs.

The series has been subject of one of Mark Rosewater's Drive to Work podcasts. Holt has also been a guest on the Limited Resources podcast.

In April 2016, Holt and Kornhauser released Enter the Battlefield—Life on the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour, a feature-length documentary.[1]


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