Naya is one of the 5 Shards of Alara.

It represents Mana RMana GMana W.

A Jungle Paradise

Shard colors: Mana RMana GMana W Theme: Large creatures-Power 5 or greater

Life, passion, community, and the wild—these are what flourish without the influence of black or blue mana. In this lush land, life is celebrated. Instinct triumphs over machination. Here titanic predators are shown respect, while humans, elves, and catfolk called nacatl seek to revere and respect nature. Godsire is the king of this jungle.

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Lands: Jungle Shrine, Naya Panorama

Ultimatum: Titanic Ultimatum

Titan: Godsire

Charm: Naya Charm


Shards of Alara
Bant Mana GMana WMana U
Esper Mana WMana UMana B
Grixis Mana UMana BMana R
Jund Mana BMana RMana G
Naya Mana RMana GMana W
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