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Publishing Information
Author(s) Paul B. Thompson
First printing February 2000
ISBN-13 978-0786915590
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Mercadian Masques
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Nemesis is the second book in the Masquerade Cycle. It was written by Paul B. Thompson and published in February 2000.

Nemesis was originally named Dark Fortress and envisioned as part III of the Weatherlight cycle. Later Wizards of the Coast decided to pull Rath and Storm out of the cycle, which was then renamed to the Masquerade Cycle.[1] Dark Fortress was renamed to parallel the name of the accompanying set. It became technically part of the cycle that started in Mercadian Masques and continues in Prophecy, but the three books are only connected by the time frame in which the events in them occur.


A new threat looms on the horizon.

A long-awaited completion of Rath is approaching. The Dark Lord's plans to invade Dominaria will soon see fruition. Only the struggle for power in this artificial plane remains. Urza Planeswalker will not stop the Phyrexian empire.

Witness the creation of his nemesis.


The Skyship Weatherlight has disappeared from Rath, but its visit had many repercussions. With Volrath gone, Phyrexia has sent Belbe to crown a new evincar. But who will it be?

Crovax and Ertai, both stranded members of the Weatherlight crew, and Commander Greven Il-Vec are all in the race, but what role will rebel leader Eladamri play? And what happens when Volrath himself returns to Rath?