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Race Cat Nightmare Beast
Birthplace Ikoria
Lifetime Mending Era

Nethroi, the Death-Dweller is the apex monster of the Indatha triome on Ikoria.

When traveling through Indatha, it's said that many whispers can be heard. These whispers belong to the apex monster Nethroi, a slinking cat-nightmare-beast hybrid with the power to raise the dead. Nethroi creeps through the buzzing frondlands, surrounded by the souls of long-dead creatures that hear its call, while, thanks to its breath, their rotting carcasses lurch out of the muck in a terrifying mockery of life.[1] Many monster hunters have stories of fallen comrades who killed their quarry only to have it rise and exact its revenge.

There is an ancient tale of Nethroi's first kill. The sages believe being eaten by Nethroi is the only way for one to be truly erased from existence, as the monster's dominion over death allows it to consume both flesh and soul.[2]

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