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Nic Kelman is the Entertainment Designer at Wizards of the Coast.

Leader of the creative team[edit | edit source]

Kelman was hired in in August 2017 as Senior Narrative Designer, and promoted in April 2018.[1] His job is to lead the creative team who creates Magic’s lore and story.[2]

On the narrative side, he works with the world-building team to plan out all of Magic’s story expressions as well as with the digital teams to help plan and execute any story elements in upcoming digital offerings. On the business and marketing side, he looks for and develops new opportunities for Magic story-telling and coordinates with the Marketing team to promote all their work.

Kelman is responsible for the outsourcing of the Magic story to independent writers[3], a move that according to some fans has resulted in disappointing books.[4]

Other work[edit | edit source]

Kelman is a writer of novels, short stories, non-fiction, screenplays, and essays in his own right.[5] His first novel, Girls, A Paean, was nominated as New York Journal News Best Book of the Year 2003, but also received critiques for its portrayal of sex between men and underage girls.[6][7] His second book, Video Game Art is claimed to be the first book of Art History on the topic. In 2011, Kelman's first screenplay, Genneris, was purchased by Steven Spielberg at Dreamworks Studios. Since then, Kelman has written original screenplays several major studios. His latest book, an illustrated novel, How To Pass As Human, was published by Dark Horse Books in 2015.

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