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The Night of Fire was an event that happened in the city of Estark on Dominaria.[1]

The Grand Master Kuthuman had ordered a great tribute of mana from every house for his ascension. The House of Oor-tael refused to contribute their blue and green mana. Zarel Ewine conspired with the other four houses to destroy them so he could become the Grand Master.[1]

The final evening of the 978th Festival of the Arena, after the games had ended, the massacre occurred. Cullinarn and countless others burned alive in the walls of the House. The blue and green mana was brought to Kuthuman, and he completed his ascension, leaving Zarel the Grand Master.[1]

After that event, Zarel had any former member, suspected former member, or person who conversed with or harbored such a person arrested. Their tongue would be cut out immediately, and then they would be executed. Fighters would be imprisoned and then impaled for theatrics during the next Festival.[1]