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Noggle is creature type unique to the Shadowmoor plane.[1] They are aligned with both red and blue mana. A noggle is a small humanoid creature, about the size of a dwarf or kithkin, with a hunched gait and an oversized head like a donkey's. Noggles have large, floppy ears; hooved feet; and a coat of short, coarse hair.

The noggles believe themselves to be the oldest race native to Shadowmoor and that the other tribes stole the plane from them. This has made many noggles bitter and given them a kleptomaniac streak, as they believe that everything in the world belongs to them and that they have the right to steal anything they find by any means.[2] Noggles as a people have no crafts or industries, stealing everything they need from others.[3] Many noggles also have a cruel sense of humor and enjoy playing harmful tricks on others.[4]

Pulped noggle hoof is an ingredient in some kithkin alchemical mixtures.[5]


  • Noggles are only featured in Eventide.
  • In spite of physical similarities with Unhinged's anthropomorphic donkey race, the two races hold no relationship.[6][7]
  • The name "noggle" comes from British legend, and originally referred to a horse-like creature that lured travelers to their doom, very much like the Irish puca or pooka.[8]