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Triangular holofoil stamp

Secret lair card promoting The Walking Dead tv show.

In 2020, Wizards of the Coast introduced the concept of black-bordered non-canon cards.[1] Although non-canon cards had been published before in silver border, the Secret Lair Drop Series: The Walking Dead release was the first time that cards from another IP appeared in black border outside of the very limited print run of Robot Chicken. The idea was further expanded upon in the Universes Beyond-series.[2] The fact that a card is not part of the Wizards of the Coast owned IP world or canon is indicated by a triangular holofoil security stamp.[2]

If needed, Wizards of the Coast can print a Magic IP version of these cards with a Magic name and creative concept/art. Oracle will identify that they represent the same card and that they should be treated by deck building rules as if they were the same. They can be thought of as functioning identically to the Godzilla skins.[3][4]

Non-canon cards were expanded upon in the Universes Beyond product line.


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