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Noranda-Zang was a wizard who ruled the land of Everlorne on an undisclosed plane.[1]

In the War of Thanopolis he was defeated by Thane Du-Moriss IV, who thrust a sword into his heart. Fortunately (for him), Zang had prepared for this before the battle and had taken a new body.

For ten years he searched for Thane, who was said to be one of the only minor wizards to create an ultimate haven of peace and plenty, in order to get revenge on him. Eventually he found Kieve and summoned the frozen shade Caskor and asked him if the place was populated, and, if so, whether or not there was a wizard. Caskor replied that it was populated and that there was a wizard who ruled Kieve, but would not tell him who the wizard was. Zang slogged through a forest to get to one of the inland cities to find Kieve's ruler. He learned from an inkeeper that Thane was the ruler, and where he lived. He knocked on his door, but no one seemed to be around. His invisible companion Gloom whispered in his ear that the door was unlocked, and pushed open the door. She told him that Thane's wife Bayende, who was pregnant, was upstairs, and suggested that they kill her. Zang agreed, thinking that killing her would steal from Thane both his wife and the heir to his kingdom. After his wife's death, Thane searched for seventeen years to find Zang. He eventually found Everlorne and killed Zang's son.

References[edit | edit source]

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