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Race Elf
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Numa was an Elf from Zendikar, and a clan chief of the Joraga Nation.[1]


Numa was responsible for the survival of his entire clan of Joraga elves. Zendikar is a harsh, dangerous plane, and threats can come from anywhere: from dangerous creatures, from outsiders, or from the land itself. Numa saw to it that his people were well equipped for anything Zendikar could throw at them, whether with tools and weapons or with powerful druidic spells. Anything that threatened his clan was killed or driven away — and so Numa made the hard decision to exile a young Nissa Revane.

As a youth, Nissa was plagued by dreams.[2] She and her mother Meroe were the last animists, and she was the only one to still have visions. According to the Numa, the animists somehow angered Zendikar and had paid the price (implying that they were all killed by the Roil). Meroe disagreed with his interpretation, but Numa was adamant to send them away because of the danger to the tribe. Thinking that Numa was right, that her visions were not a gift but a warning for Zendikar's retribution, Nissa packed her staff-sword and bow and slipped out of the house before her mother could notice.

Since Bala Ged and the Joraga Nation were destroyed by the Eldrazi[3], it is unlikely that Numa has survived.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Nissa's Origin: Home Kimberly J. Kreines and Adam Lee 2015-07-08 Magic Origins Zendikar, Lorwyn–Shadowmoor Nissa Revane, Nissa's mother, Numa, Mazik, Dwynen

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