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The Ghost Council of Orzhova
Ghost Council of Orzhova.jpg
Founded on Ravnica
Founded Before the signing of the Guildpact in 0 Z.C.
Status Slain by Kaya
Leader Karlov
Notable members Enezesku, Fautomni, Uncle Karlov, Vuliev, Xil Xaxosz

The Obzedat (also known as the Ghost Council of Orzhova) is the former ruling body of the Orzhov Syndicate on Ravnica.[1]


The Obzedat consisted of spirits of the former Orzhov patriarchs and (though significantly less frequently) matriarchs, who ascended to the immortal ghost level. These autocrats had maintained their wealth and power even as they had shed their mortal forms. They were also known as Deathless, as they had managed to cheat mortality, maintaining their consciousness (and their greed) beyond the threshold of death. Most of the Deathless appeared as morbidly obese high priests or nobles, but sickly, pale, and ghostly in form. The head of the council, who gave final approval to the Obzedat's decisions was Karlov, who had been dead for centuries.[2] The other members of the latest composition of the council were Enezesku, Fautomni, Uncle Karlov, Vuliev, and Xil Xaxosz.[3][2]

The Ghost Council resided deep under the Orzhov district in the central Ravnica. It is possible that the founders of the Obzedat were the same Orzhov representatives who originally signed the Guildpact, or that they were replaced by others at that time. Membership of the Obzedat is granted for an excellent "performance" in life, but the entrance is subject to a probation period. The membership can also be canceled under exceptional conditions.[4] The Obzedat rarely spoke directly with those outside the guild; instead, they communicated through the official Grand Envoy, Teysa Karlov.

The reign of the Obzedat ended when the planeswalker Kaya killed all members of the Council and took over as guildmaster.[5][6] At that time, there had been about nine members in the council.[7]

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