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The Odyssey Block is the seventh block.

It was released in ????-???? and consists of the following sets.



It is a block that centers around the graveyard. It has three sets: Odyssey, Torment, and Judgment.


The story of Odyssey block takes place after the Apocalypse destroyed most of Dominaria. The residents of the continent of Otaria struggle to rebuild their land. The Cabal are the main force here: a black aligned order that stages great pit fights that serve as the greatest source of both entertainment and revenue. In this world, the pit fighter known as Kamahl discovers a great artifact called the Mirari. This artifact calls out to anyone who sees it with a lust for power and conquest. The story follows the path of the Mirari as it goes from hand to hand and leaves a wake of destruction behind.


This block features the graveyard-related mechanics Flashback and Threshold, as well as the discard-related madness in Torment.

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