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Ohabi Caleria
Race Elf
Birthplace Argenti, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4150 AR
Assassin's Blade, Emperor's Fist, Champion's Trial

Lady Ohabi Caleria was the elven ruler of the island Argenti, who was very good at hunting.


Ohabi Caleria rallied the Edemi Islands into a rebellion against the Empire of Madara, and after a failed invasion of the islands by the Kentsu she led the islands to Madara itself to demand reparations.

A goddess with the same name[]

There is a second instance that someone is named Lady Caleria in the Magic storyline.

  • In Legends Cycle I there was a reference to a goddess of the hunt named Lady Caleria.
  • Ohabi Caleria appeared in all three books of Legends Cycle II. The goddess with her name was never shown, only mentioned.

In-game references[]

Represented in:

Continuity issues[]

  • Similar to the problems with Tor Wauki's continuity, the problem of two characters with the same name was a result of bad communication between the writers. Clayton Emery was told to include certain legends from Legends, and Scott McGough wasn't informed those characters were already being used.
  • Several theories about how these two versions of the character could exist in the same continuity have been made. Some suggest that Caleria's elven blood allowed her to live for ages, long enough to get godlike status among the mortal humans. Other think hunting skills might run in her family, for which they took the name of the goddess of the hunt.
  • To make matters worse, the oracle text of Lady Caleria listed her type as Legendary CreatureHuman Archer.
    • This was amended, when Human was changed to Elf in 2020.[1]


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