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Plane Kamigawa
Part of Jukai

Okina (Japanese: (おきな) (じん) (じゃ) ; rōmaji: Okina Jinja; literally: "Elder Shrine") is an ancient temple on the plane of Kamigawa. Its importance is so great that it is considered the heart of Kamigawa.

The Okina Temple is the oldest of the Jukai's shrines, and stands near the great tree Boseiju. Before the Kami War, the temple had a legion of quiet monks dedicated to its reverence. But when the Jukai forest kami turned violent, most of the monks refused to fight them. Many monks were killed, and many other fled. Only a handful remained to defend the shrine. Among them were Dosan and his most trusted students.[1]

It was here at Okina that the first relevant encounter between humans and orochi took place. The famous Orochi leader, Seshiro, trained with the monks of Okina in both martial and spiritual arts.[2]

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