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Old Rutstein
Old Rutstein.jpg
Race Human Peasant
Birthplace Kessig, Innistrad

Old Rutstein is a human peasant and a travelling Kessig citizen.[1]


Rutstein is a purveyor of the finest goods and contraband, like human blood and body parts. He is also well protected by many holy symbols and charms.[2]

To fight the supernatural monsters of Innistrad, you need some special equipment. You can't deal with a geist infestation the same way you'd handle a rabid werewolf. That's where Old Rutstein comes in. Whatever you need, he's got it—and at a better price than any other merchant (according to him). He's got stakes of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Need holy water? He's got a whole fountain (no, you can't visit it). While he may have the air of a conman, Old Rutstein's wares never fail to deliver . . . most of the time.[3]

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