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Old School is a casual constructed Magic: The Gathering format using an older or limited card pool, or older rule sets. There are many different variations, often with different rules set regionally by a play group or a local tournament organizer.[1]

Old School 93-94[]

In this format only cards that were printed in 1993 and 1994 (the first 2 years of Magic) are allowed (as are reprints of those cards, typically).[2][3]

Legal sets[]

Reprints of cards from legal sets are allowed if their art matches the art from a version of the card in one of the legal sets listed above and as long as they use the original Magic card frame. Collectors' Edition and other gold-bordered cards are allowed (typically), but foils are not.

Old School 95[]

Old School 95 encapsulates all of the sets printed through the end of 1995, including Ice Age.

Old School 96[]

Similarly, Old School 96 features all of the sets printed through the end of 1996, including Alliances and Mirage.

Classic Magic[]

Classic Magic embodies the feeling of the first 10+ years of Magic, from Alpha through Scourge, before the creation of the modern card frame.


A format that bridges the gap between Old School and Modern. From Fourth Edition to Scourge.

Middle School[]

Same as premodern, but also allows legality on every supplemental set / box set printed during the course of 1995 - 2003.[5]