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Old School
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Old School is a casual constructed Magic: The Gathering format using an older or limited card pool, or older rule sets. There are many different variations, often with different rules set regionally by a play group or a local tournament organizer.[1]

Old School 93-94[ | ]

In this format only cards that were printed in 1993 and 1994 (the first 2 years of Magic) are allowed (as are reprints of those cards, typically).[2][3]

Legal sets[ | ]

Reprints of cards from legal sets are allowed if their art matches the art from a version of the card in one of the legal sets listed above and as long as they use the original Magic card frame. Collectors' Edition and other gold-bordered cards are allowed (typically), but foils are not.

Old School 95[ | ]

Old School 95 encapsulates all of the sets printed through the end of 1995, including Ice Age.

Old School 96[ | ]

Similarly, Old School 96 features all of the sets printed through the end of 1996, including Alliances and Mirage.

Ancient Magic[ | ]

Ancient Magic embodies the feeling of the first 10+ years of Magic, from Alpha through Scourge, before the creation of the modern card frame.

Old Frame Vintage[ | ]

Similar to Ancient Magic, cards originally printed from Alpha through Scourge are allowed in Old Frame Vintage. This format intends to recreate 2003 Vintage. The main differences are that Portal sets and Starter 1999 are allowed, the format is played with contemporary rules and errata and the banned and restricted list is regularly modified as needed.

Premodern[ | ]

A format that bridges the gap between Old School and Modern. From Fourth Edition to Scourge.

Middle School[ | ]

Same as premodern, but also allows legality on every supplemental set / box set printed during the course of 1995 - 2003.[5]

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