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Old Stickfingers
Old Stickfingers.jpg
Race Horror
Birthplace Lambholt, Kessig, Innistrad
Lifetime Mending Era

Old Stickfingers is a horror from Innistrad. It is an ancient creature thousands of years old, with thousands of names like Aval, the Vine Lord of the Hearth. Macath and The Destroyer.


Old Stickfingers is considered a "hearth spirit", an entity summoned to protect a certain area (a property or a house, for example). He is summoned through a ritual using a wooden mobile and "sacrifice" from an animal (where the animal must be delivered to him).

Thin as an alder, taller than a man, skin stretched tight against small bones, fingers like twigs. A creature of nightmare, of every child's imagination. At his feet, everywhere he stepped, hoarfrost bloomed and mushrooms grew. His face was more deer skull than human flesh, embers dripped from his jaws like blood, and he had more antlers than any natural beast of any natural forest. He had too many eyes. Every moment, the number seemed to change, and each glowed with pale green fire, and each one was watching you. He was there and he wasn't there, you could look right at him and be sure he was creeping up on you. He has super strength and affinity with animals, being able to bark like deer and dogs, and his blood is white.[1] An interesting fact about Old Stickfingers is that he is right behind you.


Old Stickfingers was invoked by Arinos to protect the farmer's property. But the ritual was not completed properly, causing Old Stickfingers to kill several people across the village of Lambholt. The cathar Rem Karolus and the wizard Vadrik were called in to investigate the mysterious deaths. After investigations Vadrik together with Arinos' daughter, Ariosa, managed to appease Old Stickfingers by stopping the killings.[1] Looking back on the events, Vadrik had a hunch that Arianos wasn't killed by Old Stickfingers but rather had been possessed by it.

Traditional rhyme[]

“  Old Stickfingers

Knows when children disobey
If you're slacking
He's attacking
Did you do your chores today?
Old Stickfingers'
Presence lingers
Inside every hollow tree
Don't sneak out
Or you'll shout
And no one will remember thee


—— Children's rhyme[2]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
His Eyes, All of Them Margaret Killjoy 2021-09-17 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Innistrad Vadrik, Hailin, Rem Karolus, Malynn, Old Stickfingers, Ariosa

In-game references[]

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