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Oliver Farrel
Oliver farrel.gif
Race Human
Birthplace Sarpadia, Dominaria
Lifetime Born unknown, died ~ 170 AR
Fallen Empires, Fallen Empires Comic

Oliver Farrel was a former Icatian Priest from Sarpadia, on Dominaria, that broke ties with the Order of Leitbur and the Icatia government as a whole.


Formation of the Farrelite Cult[]

Originally, Oliver broke away because he found the Order too complacent with their handling of the Order of the Ebon Hand.[1] Extremely charismatic, Oliver quickly amassed a loyal following under speeches calling for political reform and general doom-saying. His followers eventually would become called the Farrelites or Farrelite Cult. The Farrelites would continue to stand for virtue and worship the Hand of Justice,[2] but their brutal methods would cause alarm for the Order of Leitbur and Icatian government.

The Farrelite Cult[]

The Farrelites quickly began to take over poorer sections of towns and thanks to street-preaching gained massive popularity. Oliver during this time acquired an Aeolipile and created a powerful enchanted cloak. It was during this time that he also had an affair with a beautiful young girl named Tymolin Loneglade. Tymolin would eventually leave Oliver to stay with her Dwarven husband Kaylen in the Crimson Peaks. This event would scar Farrel and he would eventually become vindictive towards her. Meanwhile, his cult would take a firm root in the towns of Montford and Trokair and begin to take vigilante action towards people in its way labeling them tainted by Tourach.

Loss of the Mantle[]

While in Montford Farrel would eventually choose one of his concubines Sianna to become his champion. Bestowing her with his mantle, he proclaimed she would lead the Farrelites against the living incarnation of Tourach, whom he claimed to be Tymolin Loneglade. Ambushing Tymolin and her brother Tev Loneglade, Oliver attempted to kill Tymolin with his Aeolipile. Tev responded with fury killing several members and disenchanting the mantle off of Sianna. The Farrelites then retreated through Havenwood.[3]


Receiving a letter in Montford that the Ebon Hand had captured Tymolin, Oliver and the Farrelites set out to meet them. At the Ebon Hand encampment, Farrel convinced her captor Vaylesh to let him speak with her, believing it would be just that. Oliver gave Tymolin one last chance to rejoin him as his lover, and when she refused stabbed her to death. The Ebon Hand and Farrelites began to fight not realizing that a greater danger was upon them both. Enraged at his sister's death, Tev appeared as the newly transformed Tevesh Szat and incinerated everyone present including Oliver and Sianna with a giant Fireball. Afterward, the Farrelite Cult would consider both Oliver and Sianna martyrs and take even more zealous actions.[4]

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