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Olivia Voldaren
Race Vampire
Birthplace Innistrad

Olivia Voldaren is a vampire native from Innistrad and the progenitor of the Voldaren bloodline.


In life, she had been described as a beautiful yet strange, hermetic, and antisocial woman who preferred to live far away from human civilization, in manor homes built for her from her seemingly boundless wealth. Like her, Voldaren vampires tend to live in distant places, such as the borderlands and edges of Innistrad's provinces.

Olivia travels often, visiting the far-flung Voldaren manors and fortresses that are scattered across the four provinces of Innistrad. The elite among vampires know that Olivia throws the best parties, and the nobility will happily make the trek out to the estate for her seasonal ball. She is a famous eccentric and bon vivant.

She appears to have developed the ability to fly and has a keen interest in watching Cathars lose their faith right before their demise.


Shadows over Innistrad[]

Olivia was sought out by resident planeswalker Sorin Markov to help him in his quarrel with Nahiri.[1] In exchange for Olivia's services, however, Olivia requested that Sorin kill his beloved angel Avacyn. After this wish was fulfilled, Sorin and Olivia assembled a vampire army and went to war against Nahiri.[2]

During the war against Nahiri, Olivia was seen leading her own host of vampires against Nahiri's cultists. When Nahiri finally confronted Sorin on the battlefield, Olivia intervened - telling Nahiri that despite how much Sorin deserves what is happening and how much she would love to allow Nahiri's vengeance, Sorin enlisted her help and she cannot allow Nahiri's revenge. Nahiri then summoned a swarm of Eldrazi fiends to occupy Olivia and her vampires while she dueled Sorin. After Sorin was defeated and encased in stone by Nahiri, Olivia proclaimed herself the new lord of Innistrad and took his sword from him.[3]

After leaving Sorin for dead, Olivia and her vampire army headed to Thraben where the residents of Innistrad were preparing to make their last stand. When Thalia and her fleet arrived the two agreed to a temporary truce so they could work alongside one another to purge Thraben of the monsters trying to overtake it. While battling inside Thraben, Olivia killed Seeta - the Leader of the Sinpurged, right in front of Thalia.[4]

Crimson Vow[]

The vampires of Innistrad unite for an ultra-exclusive wedding and reception everyone is dying to attend, where Olivia will marry a currently un-named Vampire groom.

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