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Omnath Creation.jpg
Race Elemental
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Omnath, also known as the "flickering heart"[1], is a divine manifestation of the wild and chaotic mana of Zendikar, an elemental being that can be found in some incarnation in many creation myths of the plane.


It is a being of pure mana, a manifestation of Zendikar's chaotic, primeval forces that is capable of wreaking massive destruction. Omnath started out as a pure green creature, but acquired other colors of mana one by one, incorporating red, blue, and white in that order.[2][3]


Despite the uncertainty of Omnath's actual existence, a real site on a high mesa of Ondu was dubbed the "Prison of Omnath". The site was safeguarded by a binding circle of strange globular swamp-growths, stone hedrons, and animal bones. The circle created an eerie sensation in those who approached it, deterring them from approaching the circle's center, where a huge pit leads deep into the ground. Those who got too close died to the destructive surges of power that lashed out from the circle.

Religious pilgrims from across Zendikar traveled to the Prison of Omnath on a twice-yearly basis to perform the "Ritual of Lights", a ceremony designed to protect the world from the release of Omnath. During the events leading up to the Rise of the Eldrazi, however, the ritual was disrupted and Omnath was set loose.[4] Like a human body fighting a disease, Omnath began to adapt to deal with the Eldrazi threat.[3] It absorbed more and more mana, embodying not just the might of the forests and jungles, but the fury of the mountains, the unrelenting seas, and the life-giving plains of Zendikar.

The Eldrazi are gone now, but Omnath is still growing. What is its goal? If it is truly Zendikar incarnate, what does the plane want . . . and how will it get it?[3][5]


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