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Omniscience Draft
DCI Sanctioned
Paper {Cross}
Magic Online {Cross}
Magic Arena {Tick}
Type Limited
Multiplayer {Cross}

Omniscience Draft is a Magic Arena-specific limited format for Magic: The Gathering.[1]


In this format, featured in Magic: The Gathering Arena events, each player drafts a 40-card deck and begins the game with an Omniscience emblem that has the following abilities:

Additionally, each player's starting hand size is three (instead of seven). Other than that, the usual rules for Booster Draft apply:

  • Minimum of 40 cards in the main deck (there is no maximum size for main decks)
  • All cards from your Limited pool that are not in your main deck are considered part of your sideboard
  • A Limited deck may contain as many duplicates of a card as were included with the draft

Due to the odd nature of the draft, the games are played best-of-one, and the drafts are done with bots (i.e. Quick Draft layout; payout and cost follows as the same). The bots do not change their pick orders from normal drafts, making it easier to draft under the new rules.


January 2021 featured an event which could be described as "Preconstructed Omniscience" where a player is granted a 150-card deck, and plays out the games with the above gameplay rules.


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