Onslaught (ONS) is the First set in the Onslaught block, it was released on September 28, 2002. There are 350 cards in total (110 commons, 110 uncommons, 110 rares, 20 basic lands) The expansion symbol is a morphed creature.


Morph - Play a card face down as a 2/2 for 3 mana, then turn it face up at any time by paying the Morph cost and get an instantly bigger/better creature.

Tribal Cards - Creature type matters now more than ever!

Fear - A new keyword for an old ability.

Chain Spells - Each time a Chain spell affects you or a permanent you control, you can "chain" it to someone or something else.

Cycling -- The Onslaught set revisits the cycling ability, an old favorite first printed in the Urza's Saga set.


The story of Onslaught mainly concerns characters introduced in the Odyssey block. Kamahl the Barbarian has relocated to the Krosan Forest with the Mirari and becomes a druid of Krosa. The power of the Mirari begins to work on the forest, mutating its residents and growing some of them to gigantic proportions.

Meanwhile, Kamahl's sister Jeska is transformed by foul Cabal healing magic, into Phage, a pit fighter whose touch brings death. Phage then allies herself with the Cabal.

Ixidor, an illusionist, fights in the pits with his partner, a beautiful sorceress named Nivea, who ends up being killed off by Phage. Ixidor then wanders the desert in grief, and discovers his new powers of reality sculpting. Ixidor uses his new power to create a palace in the desert, where he creates an angel based on Nivea named Akroma, who is sworn to his service. He resolves to avenge Nivea's slaying by attacking the Cabal and Phage with Akroma. The escalating struggle between Phage and Akroma leads Kamahl into an uneasy alliance with the Cabal against the destructive power of Ixidor and Akroma.


Booster Packs - 15 random cards

Booster Box - 80 booster packs

Fat Pack - 6 booster packs, Onslaught novel, Onslaught players guide, A spin down life counter, 1 Onslaught Tournament pack

Theme Decks - 4 decks each with 60 pre set cards