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Oracle en-Vec
Oracle en-Vec.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Rath
Rath and Storm

The Oracle en-Vec was a prophet on Rath and the spiritual leader of the Vec tribe. While traveling to meet with Eladamri, she encountered Gerrard Capashen, whom she believed to be the prophesied Korvecdal. Along with Eladamri and his elves, she rallied the Rathi Tribes in an attempt to overthrow Volrath while Gerrard and the Weatherlight crew infiltrated the Stronghold. However, the uprising was unsuccessful and was called off when Weatherlight fled.

The Oracle later met again with Eladamri, declaring that he was the real Korvecdal. However, she predicted that he would have to leave his people for another world before he could become the Uniter. This prophecy came true as Eladamri was transported to Dominaria and became a leader in the Coalition, rejoining his people after the Rathi Overlay.

Although only one oracle is seen during the storyline, it is suggested there are others within the Vec tribe, which is why the Oracle en-Vec card is not legendary.

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