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Order of Jukai
Founded on Kamigawa
Notable members Chishiro, Shigeki

Circa 1,200 years after the events of the Kami War, the Order of Jukai was established on Kamigawa to preserve nature and reverence for the kami.[1]


For much of Kamigawa's history, power was concentrated in the hands of the elite: the Imperials who ran the Plane with Kyodai's blessings, various warlords, and those who could channel the power of the kami. More recently, however, Kamigawa has found itself facing significant disruption to this status quo as new innovations have made access to power more widely and cheaply available to all. Key among these innovations were two: enhancers invented by the akki artisans of Sokenzanshi, and the method invented by the Saiba Futurists of drawing power directly from the spirit realm.[2]

The boom of all this technology has seen the rise of the Order of Jukai, who believe that this unrestrained use of technology is drawing on power in a reckless, dangerous manner that threatens to irreparably damage the fabric of the two realms. When the orochi Shigeki, bonded with a nature kami, he experienced a prophetic dream of the spirit realm shattering.[3] He vowed to stop the vision from coming true and named his new Order after the moment when the Jukai forest expelled all mortals, including his own ancestors. The Order grew swiftly as others had similar visions of the spirit realm's destruction. They actively despise the Saiba Futurists and desire to destroy their floating headquarters.


The Order is organized in decentralized cells scattered throughout the plane.[3] Cells are small, typically comprised of a few stealth operatives and a kami channeler or two. They mobilize quickly and hide when needed, favoring decisive acts of swift destruction. Their preferred method is to infiltrate a technological center and then unleash destruction by either detonating a device imbued with kami magic or summoning an actual kami. These strikes are controlled and targeted: they wait until the area is as empty as possible and never attack residential zones. However, they won't hesitate to cut down anyone who gets in their way.

Kami take a very active role in shaping and guiding the Order of Jukai, providing power, friendship, and a shared sense of purpose. Some members and kami share such a deep, personal connection that the kami will grant the mortal permission to access the deepest recesses of their magic. These channelers can call upon powerful spirits and primal forces of nature.

Guarding the Merge gates[]

Kami occasionally make their way through merge gates, and while the Imperials have constructed them to keep the crossings safe, the Order of Jukai have built temples to make sure the kami feel welcomed. They believe spirits are a sacred part of nature that should be revered.

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