Order of Saint Traft

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The Order of Saint Traft was founded by Thalia, who is the current host of Saint Traft.

Seeing the corruption and unable to reform the church, the order was founded to battle evil. Prominent members include Odric, Grete, and Rem Karolus.[1]

On its way to free the city of Thraben from the invading Eldrazi, the order managed to acquire Avacyn's spear. They joined an alliance of Innistrad's uncorrupted residents including Sigarda, some werewolves, and an army of vampires lead by Olivia Voldaren. Many of the order did choose to become possessed by geists of former cathars to stand a chance against Emrakul's corruption.[2]

Chapel[edit | edit source]

The order's first base of operations was an ancient chapel near the foothills of Geier Reach.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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