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The Order of Stromgald was a political movement in Kjeldor, during the Ice Age of Dominaria. It took its name from the legendary Kjeldoran general Márton Stromgald.[1]

On the surface, the Order of Stromgald appeared to be a concerned party that feared the weakened will of Kjeldor's king, Darien. However, under the surface, the Order had more malign roots. The Order was formed by former Kjeldoran knight Avram Garrison and the necromancer and archenemy of the people of Kjeld, Lim-Dûl. The true intent of the Order of Stromgald was to assassinate Darien and weaken the political structure of Kjeld, hastening Lim-Dûl's victory over the already assaulted nation. The Order eventually fell apart after the defeat of Lim-Dûl, but various factions that were rumored to exist probably merged with his surviving undead army at Tresserhorn.

The Order used huge war steeds which sometimes could fly (Stromgald Crusader).[2]

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