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The Order of the D'Avenant is a matriarchal order of warriors from Avenant on Dominaria, ruled by the Suzeraine. The order made an alliance with the town of Hamath. Only the most talented archers of D'Avenant were made a part of the organization.

The Archers were determined and courageous female warriors with skills such as Salmon Leap, Apple Feat, and Coursing Feat. When wounded, they would either soak for three days in an herbal bath or heal naturally. Each year, every knight fasted for three days and three nights in an reportedly haunted area. Any squires ready to become archers and take the title "d'Avenant" had to stand watch without sleep for the three days and nights of the meditation of these knights. Some squires were placed in the Bardic Circle, but many of the archer-knights of Avenant were not very imaginative. They were, however, very skilled marksmen.

Élan d'Avenant was a member of the order.