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The Order of the Skyward Eye is a knightly order from the shard of Alara known as Bant.

The order of the Skyward Eye is an embodiment of the ideal of righteousness. Striving for perfection in being good, living correctly as an example to others, and guiding others in their lives is the core duty of the order. The Skyward Eye crusades against groups and places that choose to not live correctly. Jhess in particular draws ire for it's denizens' embrace of what members of the order see as hedonistic pursuits.[1]

The Planeswalker Nicol Bolas manipulated the Order of the Skyward Eye as unwitting pawns into spreading fear across Bant and preaching of doom to prepare the people of Bant for the war Nicol Bolas required. The Skyward Eye was also responsible for nearly covering up the truth behind the Sword of Asha.