Order of the Steel Leaf

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The Order of the Steel Leaf is a select cadre of Llanowar warrior elves from different elfhames said to have been brought together by Freyalise herself, whom they worshipped like a goddess. The Order has defended the forest from invaders during the Ice Age, and have served as Llanowar's protectors since then. The Order follow a strict interpretation of Freyalise's orders, sometimes leading causing internal conflict within Llanowar.

The Order of the Steel Leaf wear distinctive wears white skin-paint, tattoos, goggles, and a mohawk. In addition, all Steel Leaf wear a patch over one eye. Some of these patches were bestowed by Freyalise herself; these are said to provide magical sight to the wearer, allowing them to see the true nature of any being with their open eye, while the covered one gaze at the goddess within.[1]

From the Phyrexian Invasion onward, the knights of the Order (which include Steel Leaf Paladin and Steel Leaf Champion) ride kavu in battle.[2]

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