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Order of the Widget

The Unstable Order of the Widget ({W}{U}) is a Bablovian technocracy, a government ruled by technology. They are cyborgs that use technology to constantly improve themselves.[1][2] They have no self control.

The leader of the Order is the The Grand Calcutron, a person that upgraded himself so many times, he's no longer human but a computer.[2][3] As a machine, the Grand Calcutron runs the Order with absolute authority. Every decision about how the organization is run is determined by the Grand Calcutron. According to their constitution, if a person, machine, or technology of greater ability ever reveals itself, it will immediately be designated as leader. No person or object has yet challenged the Grand Calcutron for leadership of the Order of the Widget.


The Order of the Widget Contraptions do one of three things:

  1. They enhance a creature in some way while also turning it into an artifact.
  2. They make artifacts.
  3. They have effects that scale with the number of artifacts you control.

These effects play into their flavor of self-enhancement and their love of artifacts.[4]



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