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Plane Ikoria
Part of Indatha
Status Destroyed

Orn is the name of a sanctuary in Indatha on Ikoria, destroyed long ago.

According to the sky dwellers of Skysail, many generations ago, there was once a walled sanctuary in Indatha called Orn. The city stayed safe by training bioluminescent nightcats and batbirds to circle the sanctuary and nest in its towers, keeping the sanctuary lit at all hours. But one night, for unknown reasons, the luminous creatures did not come, and nightmares breached the gates under cover of darkness. Some of the residents of Orn escaped, salvaging some raw materials to construct rudimentary hot-air balloons. More and more balloonists joined their vessels together, forming what's now known as Skysail.[1]

A few hunters want to find the ruins of Orn, but since the Indatha lowlands are a very dangerous place, searching for the destroyed sanctuary is discouraged.[2]

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