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Orvar, the All-Form.jpg
Race Shapeshifter
Birthplace Littjara, Kaldheim
Lifetime Unknown

Orvar, the All-Form is a shapeshifter from Kaldheim.


Orvar is one of the oldest and most experienced Covewalkers. Like all his kin, Orvar is capable of changing his shape, preferring marine creatures and water-adjacent humanoids (fishermen, lighthouse keepers, etc.). Orvar has been around for such a long time that he has learned to use his powers in more creative ways. For example, he has learned how to spread his physical form across multiple bodies. As long as he has a reference, he can create "copies" of an observed creature, although the copies are quite literally an extension of himself. Orvar's intentions are cloaked in mystery. He has spent centuries gathering both knowledge and new forms, but his end goals are unknown. Whenever an ancient tale involves a changeling, it is often secretly about Orvar himself. [1]

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