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Plane Ravnica

Orzhova is the guildhall of the Orzhov Syndicate on Ravnica, and the former seat of their council of ghosts - the Obzedat. It is located on the western edge of Tenth District Plaza.[1]

Sometimes called the Cathedral Opulent or the Church of Deals, Orzhova is a lavish cathedral with spiky spires[2], soaring ceilings, designed to make anyone who enters it feel insignificant and out-of-scale by comparison. Overblown stained glass windows and oversized marble statues depict an array of wealthy bishops, enforcer angels, and ghosts.[3] "Gray sisters", robed nuns, handle all the menial chores in the cathedral.[4]

Below the church lies a bejeweled catacomb that preserves the mummified bodies of the Ghost Council. It was constructed millennia ago, and ancient protection magic lines the walls. This magic is old enough that the laws of the Guildpact do not impact what happens inside.[5][6][7]

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