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Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Outlaws of Thunder Junction
Outlaws logo
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description A cowboy hat
Design Mark Rosewater (lead), Annie Sardelis, Dan Musser, Dave Humpherys, Doug Beyer, Graeme Hopkins, Jeremy Geist, Michelle Roberson, Mike Mearls
Development Dave Humpherys (lead), Jeremy Geist, Ben Weitz, Eric Engelhard, Ian Duke, Glenn Jones, Bryan Hawley, Andrew Brown, Chris Kvartek, Jadine Klomparens, Daniel Xu
Art direction Taylor Ingvarsson
Release date April 19, 2024
Plane Thunder Junction
Themes and mechanics Villains, Committing a crime, "Deserts matter"
Keywords/​ability words Plot, Saddle, Spree
Set size 276 + 98
Expansion code OTJ[1]
Development codename Quilting
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Standard
Wilds of Eldraine The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Murders at Karlov Manor
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Secret Lair Drop Series: Equinox Superdrop 2024 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Breaking News
OTJ expansion symbol

Expansion symbol

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is the 100th Magic expansion. It was released on April 19, 2024.[2][3]

Set details[ | ]

“  Rustle Up Some Trouble  ”
Outlaws key art

Outlaws of Thunder Junction key art

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is a top-down designed set based on Wild West tropes. It is a frontier fantasy where outlaws come to seize their futures — and make a fortune doing it.[4] This showcase set is dedicated to villains, focusing on an "Outlaw vs. Outlaw" theme. It was even designed first as a villains set, second as a Western genre set.[5]

Outlaws of Thunder Junction contains 276 regular cards (91 commons, 100 uncommons, 60 rares, 20 mythic rares, 5 basic lands), and includes randomly inserted traditional foil versions of all cards.[6] The regular cards include 5 full-art "Western landscape / negative space" basic lands (#272-276). Alternate card frames have a different number than the original version. The Bundle Basics lands are #277-286, the thirteen Showcase "Wanted Poster" cards are #287-299. Borderless cards and #300-306, extended art cards and #307-367 and the promos are #368-374.

This set includes Nathan Steuer's Player Spotlight card, Duelist of the Mind.[7]

Storyline[ | ]

OTJ Collector Booster Box

Set Collector Booster Box depicting a showdown between Oko and Kellan

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is the final set in the Omenpath Arc and the end of the first act in the Metronome storyline. The set features villains from across the Multiverse, who have traveled through omenpaths to find their fortunes and battle it out at Thunder Junction.[2][8][9] Oko has formed a gang with the Multiverse's most wanted (a.o. Tinybones, Vraska, Rakdos and Annie Flash) to pull off a heist of epic scale. An ancient vault has been discovered in Thunder Junction, and it's rumored to hide untold riches and power. Everyone wants a slice of the pie, but Oko and his rip-roaring team aim to be the first inside. Oko's son, Kellan, has at last tracked down his wayward father, but his schemes threaten to sweep Kellan into the role of a villain.

This set features Story Spotlights.[10] The cards that represent them are:

Magic Story[ | ]

Main article: Magic Story
Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Episode 1: An Offer of Revenge Akemi Dawn Bowman 2024-03-11 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Archie Dixon, Akul, Annie Flash, Towning, Oko, Kellan, Ral Zarek
No Tells Isaac Fellman 2024-03-12 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Capenna, Thunder Junction Yuma, Elnor, Shadress, Kirri
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Episode 2: The Jailbreak Akemi Dawn Bowman 2024-03-13 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Annie Flash, Tinybones, Breeches, Malcolm Lee, Oko, Geralf Cecani, Gisa Cecani, Eriette, Vraska, Ashiok, Rakdos, Kaervek, Satoru Umezawa, Ral Zarek, Kellan
Blood is Thicker Than Venom H. E. Edgmon 2024-03-14 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Annie Flash, Jody Carpenter, Tommy, Bo, Mira
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Episode 3: A Train to Prosperity Akemi Dawn Bowman 2024-03-18 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Akul, Oko, Kaervek, Annie Flash, Vraska, Gisa Cecani, Geralf Cecani, Eriette, Malcolm Lee, Breeches, Satoru Umezawa, Tinybones, Kellan, Ashiok, Nolan
A Long Way From Home Akemi Dawn Bowman 2024-03-19 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Nashi, Obeka
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Episode 4: Finding Tarnation Akemi Dawn Bowman 2024-03-20 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Oko, Kellan, Rakdos, Kaervek, Nolan, Breeches, Malcolm Lee, Tinybones, Vraska, Eriette, Ashiok, Annie Flash, Satoru Umezawa, Gisa Cecani, Geralf Cecani, Twist Fandango, Akul
A Pleasant Family Outing Seanan McGuire 2024-03-21 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Geralf Cecani, Gisa Cecani, Stella
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Episode 5: High Moon Akemi Dawn Bowman 2024-03-22 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Oko, Kellan, Akul, Annie Flash, Vraska, Ral Zarek, Tinybones
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Episode 6: The Ballad of Thieves and Thunderslingers Akemi Dawn Bowman 2024-03-25 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Oko, Breeches, Annie Flash, Tinybones, Rakdos, Satoru Umezawa, Geralf Cecani, Gisa Cecani, Kaervek, Akul, Vraska, Malcolm Lee, Eriette, Kellan, Ral Zarek, Jace Beleren, Loot, Amalia Benavides Aguirre
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Epilogue 1: Bring the End, Part 1 Alison Lührs 2024-04-01 Outlaws of Thunder Junction New Phyrexia, Vryn, Ravnica Jace Beleren, Kaya Cassir, Kaito Shizuki, Elesh Norn, Tyvar Kell, Vraska, Ranna Beleren
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Epilogue 2: Bring the End, Part 2 Alison Lührs 2024-04-02 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Vryn, Ravnica, Eldraine, Ixalan, Thunder Junction Jace Beleren, Vraska, Ranna Beleren, Tezzeret, Tamiyo, Eriette, Breeches, Malcolm Lee, Alquist Proft, Etrata, Izoni, Loot

Marketing[ | ]

OTJ Play Booster

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is sold in Play Boosters, Collector Boosters, four Commander decks and the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Bundle.

Breaking News[ | ]

OTP expansion symbol

Outlaws of Thunder Junction has two bonus sheets. The first is a Crime bonus sheet of cards that help you commit crimes in the set. You'll find them in Play Boosters (1 card per booster) and Collector Boosters, and exclusively in Collector Boosters you can open textured foil versions of Breaking News cards. The Breaking News bonus sheet does not affect set legality, they will only be legal in constructed formats where those cards are already legal to play, as well as limited Outlaws of Thunder Junction play.

The Big Score[ | ]

BIG expansion symbol

Outlaws of Thunder Junction was originally planned to have a follow up Epilogue Booster pack called The Big Score. However, due to negative feedback on March of the Machine: The Aftermath, the planned cards from The Big Score were incorporated as an extra bonus sheet in the regular Play Boosters. They replace The List cards for Outlaws of Thunder Junction.[11] Cards from The Big Score retain their unique set symbol, set code (BIG), and a unique showcase card frame — the "Vault" frame. Special Guests cards share the vault frame treatment. A further legacy of the original plan to be released in an Epilogue Booster is that all 30 of The Big Score cards are Standard legal.

Special Guests[ | ]

Outlaws of Thunder Junction features 10 Special Guests (SPG #29-38). These are incorporated in The List of the Play Boosters and may be played in Limited games. You'll find a non-foil Special Guests card in 1 out of 64 Play Boosters. Traditional foil Special Guests cards can be found in Collector Boosters.

The List[ | ]

You'll find cards from The List more frequently in Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Boosters than in Murders at Karlov Manor Play Boosters. You can find a card from The List in 1 out of 5 Play Boosters. The List for OTJ has 40 cards: 30 cards from The Big Score and the 10 Special Guests.[12]

Events[ | ]

Promos[ | ]

Tokens and markers[ | ]

Outlaws of Thunder Junction has eighteen tokens one helper card[18]:

  1. {C} Copy for Breeches, the Blastmaker; Calamity, Galloping Inferno; Double Down; Ghired, Mirror of the Wilds; Jace Reawakened; Kaervek, the Punisher; Kambal, Profiteering Mayor; Oko, the Ringleader and Three Steps Ahead.
  2. {W} 3/3 Angel creature with flying for Seraphic Steed.
  3. {W} 2/2 Ox creature for Bovine Intervention and Bruse Tarl, Roving Rancher.
  4. {W} 1/1 Sheep creature for Bridled Bighorn.
  5. {W} 2/2 Spirit creature with flying for Phantom Interference and Wrangler of the Damned.
  6. {U} Beau, a */* legendary Ox creature with "This creature’s power and toughness are each equal to the number of lands you control." for Bonny Pall, Clearcutter.
  7. {U} 1/1 Bird creature with flying for Riku of Many Paths.
  8. {B} 1/1 Vampire Rogue creature with lifelink for Baron Bertram Graywater.
  9. {R} 3/1 Dinosaur creature for Scalestorm Summoner.
  10. {R} 1/1 Mercenary creature with "{T}: Target creature you control gets +1/+0 until end of turn. Activate only as a sorcery." for At Knifepoint; Brimstone Roundup; Ertha Jo, Frontier Mentor; Form a Posse; Hellspur Posse Boss; Lassoed by the Law; Mourner's Surprise; Nezumi Linkbreaker; Prickly Pair; Prosperity Tycoon; Rakish Crew; Selvala, Eager Trailblazer; Unfortunate Accident and Wanted Griffin.
  11. {R} 4/4 Scorpion Dragon creature with flying and haste for Magda, the Hoardmaster.
  12. {G} */* Elemental creature for Dance of the Tumbleweeds and Tumbleweed Rising.
  13. {G} 3/3 Elk creature for Oko, the Ringleader.
  14. {G} 2/1 Varmint creature for Rise of the Varmints.
  15. {U/B} 2/2 Zombie Rogue creature for Geralf, the Fleshwright; Gisa, the Hellraiser; Outlaw Stitcher and Rictus Robber.
  16. {C} Clue artifact for Malcolm, the Eyes.
  17. {C} Meteorite, an artifact with “When Meteorite enters the battlefield, it deals 2 damage to any target.” and “{T}: Add one mana of any color.” for Roxanne, Starfall Savant.
  18. {C} Treasure artifact for Boneyard Desecrator; Fake Your Own Death; Gold Pan; Gold Rush; Goldvein Hydra; Great Train Heist; Hell to Pay; Jolene, Plundering Pugilist; Luxurious Locomotive; Magda, the Hoardmaster; Mine Raider; Patient Naturalist; Reckless Lackey; Redrock Sentinel and Treasure Dredger.
  19. Plot marker.

In addition, Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Boosters and Collector Boosters may include an additional 11 tokens from the two bonus sheet sets.[18] Each of these tokens features its set's expansion symbol and set code.
Breaking News

The Big Score

Themes and mechanics[ | ]

MTGA Crimes

MTG Arena icon for cards that grant a bonus when you commit crimes.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction introduces the concept of crimes.[19] Any spell or ability that targets an opponent, or their stuff (spells, permanents, hand, library) is committing a crime. Since this is a plane of outlaws, committing crimes is incentivized, not punished.[20] In the villain set, you get to be the villain.[21]

The set also introduces the plot mechanic. It's similar to both foretell and suspend. When you pay a card's plot cost, it goes into exile, and you can cast it on a later turn without paying its mana cost (as a sorcery). Plot can be used to hold cards up for explosive turns, but your hand's on the table: opponents can see the plotted cards and plan around them.

Saddle is a keyword ability associated with the new Mount creature type. In a similar way to the Crew ability, it is activated by tapping any number of creatures you control with total power equal to or greater than the saddle value. Creatures with saddle, unlike Vehicles, can still attack and block like normal, but they have powerful abilities that only trigger when they become saddled or attack while saddled.

Spree icon

The plus icon indicating the mandatory additional cost of a card with Spree.

Finally, spree is a keyword found on instants and sorceries that grants them modality in a very similar way to escalate. Spells with spree have several effects, each with an additional cost. However, these costs can be different from each other. A spell with spree can have a very different impact when it's cast in the early game using cheaper effects than when it's cast as a finisher going all-out on expensive effects. To help players identify cards with Spree when fanned in the hand, a new icon that modifies the right-hand side of the title bar was added.[22] The black triangle with a white "plus" icon is placed next to the mana cost of the spell to identify that additional costs need to be payed before the spell can be cast.

Card types[ | ]

Outlaws of Thunder Junction introduces a new typal coupling term, Outlaw, a way to collectively refer to the Assassin, Mercenary, Pirate, Rogue and Warlock creature types. It also introduces the Armadillo, Coyote, Mount, Possum, and Varmint creature types, while Beaver and Porcupine are seen for the first time on eternal cards. Also, as of this set, Viashino is no longer a distinct creature type, and has been rolled into Lizard.

The set further sees the return of the Desert land type, with a small "Deserts matter" theme.

Counter types[ | ]

Outlaws of Thunder Junction introduces Loot counters.

Limited archetypes[ | ]

Outlaws of Thunder Junction features the following limited archetypes. [23]

Cycles[ | ]

Cycle name {W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Monocolored rare mounts Fortune, Loyal Steed Archmage's Newt Caustic Bronco Calamity, Galloping Inferno Ornery Tumblewagg
Five rare mount creatures.
Monocolored spree spells Final Showdown Three Steps Ahead Insatiable Avarice Great Train Heist Smuggler's Surprise
Five mythic rare and rare modal spells with with spree and a mana cost of M. Each has at least one mode that costs mana of the card's color.
Common Plotters Stagecoach Security Loan Shark Blacksnag Buzzard Irascible Wolverine Freestrider Commando
Five common creatures with Plot and a build-around enters-the-battlefield effect.
Cycle name {W}{B} {U}{R} {B}{G} {R}{W} {G}{U}
Enemy-colored fast lands Concealed Courtyard Spirebluff Canal Blooming Marsh Inspiring Vantage Botanical Sanctum
Five rare enemy colored taplands, reprinted from Kaladesh. The borderless versions form a panorama.

Double cycles[ | ]

Cycle name {W}{U} {U}{B} {B}{R} {R}{G} {G}{W} {W}{B} {U}{R} {B}{G} {R}{W} {G}{U}
Gold enabler signposts Wrangler of the Damned Intimidation Campaign At Knifepoint Cactusfolk Sureshot Congregation Gryff Ruthless Lawbringer Slick Sequence Badlands Revival Form a Posse Make Your Own Luck
Ten uncommon dual-colored cards, each a signpost for one of the draft archetypes. These are enablers, which support the playstyle of the archetype.[24]
Legendary gold payoff


Jem Lightfoote, Sky Explorer Lazav, Familiar Stranger Vial Smasher, Gleeful Grenadier Jolene, Plundering Pugilist Miriam, Herd Whisperer Baron Bertram Graywater Kraum, Violent Cacophony Honest Rutstein Ertha Jo, Frontier Mentor Doc Aurlock, Grizzled Genius
Ten uncommon dual-colored legendary creatures, each a signpost for one of the draft archetypes. These are payoffs, which reward the playstyle of the archetype.[24]
Crime Deserts Lonely Arroyo Soured Springs Jagged Barrens Bristling Backwoods Creosote Heath Forlorn Flats Eroded Canyon Festering Gulch Abraded Bluffs Lush Oasis
Ten common Desert dual lands that enter the battlefield tapped and deal 1 damage to target opponent.

Flavor-based cycle[ | ]

Outlaws of Thunder Junction features an irregular, flavor-based cycle.[25]

Cycle name {B} {B}{G} {G}{W}{U} {R}{G}{W} {B}{R}
"Join up" rares Tinybones Joins Up Vraska Joins Up Kellan Joins Up Annie Joins Up Rakdos Joins Up
Five rare legendary Enchantments representing Oko's gang. Each has an enters the battlefield effect and a second effect that is triggered by legendary creatures. The mana values of each card in the cycle increases from one through to five.

Pairs[ | ]

Matched pair Description
Breeches, the Blastmaker ({U}{R}) Malcolm, the Eyes ({U}{R}) Two rare red and blue pirates that care about artifacts and the second spell cast.
Cunning Coyote ({R}) Resilient Roadrunner ({R}) Two uncommon 2/2 creatures with mana cost {1}{R} and haste, referencing the cartoon characters Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.
Mirrored pair Description
Archmage's Newt ({U}) Caustic Bronco ({B}) Two rare Mount creatures with 1M mana cost and Saddle 3, with an attack trigger that improves if it is mounted. They are the only mono-color mounts in {B} and {U}.
Outlaw Stitcher ({U}) Rictus Robber ({B}) Two uncommon creatures with 3M mana cost and plot, that create a Zombie Rogue token.
Aloe Alchemist ({G}) Longhorn Sharpshooter ({R}) Two uncommon creatures that are the only ones in the set that trigger when they become plotted.
Failed Fording ({U}) Desert's Due ({B}) Two common instants with 1M mana cost that generate an extra effect if you control a desert.
Steer Clear ({W}) Throw from the Saddle ({G}) Two common spells that generate an extra effect if you control a mount.
Boneyard Desecrator ({B}) Mine Raider ({R}) Two common creatures that create a Treasure if you control an outlaw.
Take the Fall ({U}) Outlaws' Fury ({R}) Two common instants that generate an extra effect if you control an outlaw.

Reprinted cards[ | ]

Preconstructed decks[ | ]

Outlaws features four Commander decks released as a regular part of a set's product line.

deck name
Color Identity Commander
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Desert Bloom W R G Yuma, Proud Protector
Quick Draw U R Stella Lee, Wild Card
Most Wanted W B R Olivia, Opulent Outlaw
Grand Larceny U B G Gonti, Canny Acquisitor

Gallery[ | ]

Key art[ | ]

Arena Avatars[ | ]

External links[ | ]

References[ | ]

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