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Outlaws of Thunder Junction
The Big Score
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description A reinforced vault door
Design Adam Prosak (lead), Mark Gottlieb, Cameron Williams, Miguel Lopez, Oliver Tiu, Dave Humpherys
Development Dave Humpherys (lead)
Release date April 19, 2024
Plane Thunder Junction
Set size 30 + 65
Expansion code BIG[1]
Bonus sheets
Outlaws of Thunder Junction
Breaking News
The Big Score N/A
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Outlaws of Thunder Junction
Breaking News
Outlaws of Thunder Junction
The Big Score
Outlaws of Thunder Junction
Commander Decks
BIG expansion symbol

Expansion symbol

The Big Score (a.k.a. The Vault) is a bonus sheet of 30 cards that is associated with Outlaws of Thunder Junction.[2] It was released on April 19, 2024.

Description[ | ]

Due to negative feedback on March of the Machine: The Aftermath, the planned Epilogue Booster pack cards for Outlaws of Thunder Junction were incorporated as an extra bonus sheet in the regular Play Boosters.[3][4] Cards from The Big Score have retained their own set symbol and set code (BIG). They are Standard legal.

From the original 50 cards of the "Aftermath-style" set, 30 appear on the Bonus sheet and Jace Reawakened was swapped with Grand Abolisher into the main set.[5] The rest didn’t get used.[6]

Showcase versions of the cards "Vault" card treatment and alternate art are BIG #31-60. These only appear in Collector Boosters. Of the vault frame cards, 5 also appear in raised foil with a special elevated golden stamp embedded in the frame to commemorate the shiniest loot from Oko's heist (BIG #61-65). Extended art version of the regular cards are BIG #66-95.

Distribution[ | ]

Cards from The Big Score appear as part of The List for Outlaws of Thunder Junction.[3]

Tokens[ | ]

The Big Score has seven tokens, found in Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play and Collector boosters:

  1. {B} 2/1 Bat creature with flying for Greed's Gambit.
  2. {C} Blood artifact for Transmutation Font.
  3. {C} 0/0 Construct artifact creature with “This creature gets +1/+1 for each artifact you control.” for Simulacrum Synthesizer.
  4. {C} Food artifact for Bristlebud Farmer and Transmutation Font.
  5. {C} 1/1 Gnome artifact creature for Oltec Matterweaver.
  6. {C} 3/3 Golem artifact creature for Legion Extruder and Sandstorm Salvager.
  7. {C} Map artifact for Worldwalker Helm.

The following tokens are created by cards in the set but are not included in the The Big Score token set. Instead, they retain the Outlaws of Thunder Junction expansion symbol and collector number:

Card list[ | ]

Color # Rarity Card # (Vault frame) Notes
{W} 0001 Collector's Cage 0031 Functionally has coven
{W} 0002 Grand Abolisher 0032 First printed in Magic 2012, last seen in Commander Masters.
{W} 0003 Oltec Matterweaver 0033
{W} 0004 Rest in Peace 0034 First printed in Return to Ravnica, last seen in Ravnica Remastered.
{U} 0005 Esoteric Duplicator 0035
{U} 0006 Simulacrum Synthesizer 0036
{U} 0007 Worldwalker Helm 0037 Fitting a horned creature. Ixalan jade technology, and referencing Tan Jolom, the Worldwalker.
{B} 0008 Greed's Gambit 0038
{B} 0009 Harvester of Misery 0039
{B} 0010 Hostile Investigator 0040
{R} 0011 Generous Plunderer 0041
{R} 0012 Legion Extruder 0042 Depicting a Fomori spacesuit.
{R} 0013 Memory Vessel 0043 Refers to Memory Jar
{R} 0014 Molten Duplication 0044
{R} 0015 Territory Forge 0045
{G} 0016 Ancient Cornucopia 0046
{G} 0017 Bristlebud Farmer 0047
{G} 0018 Omenpath Journey 0048 Depicting Jace, Vraska and Loot.
{G} 0019 Sandstorm Salvager 0049
{G} 0020 Vaultborn Tyrant 0050
{M} 0021 Loot, the Key to Everything 0051
{M} 0022 Pest Control 0052
{C} 0023 Lost Jitte 0053 Refers to Umezawa's Jitte
{C} 0024 Lotus Ring 0054 Depicting a Black Lotus.
{C} 0025 Nexus of Becoming 0055 The art features a Fomori spacesuit.[7]
{C} 0026 Sword of Wealth and Power 0056 An eleventh Mirran sword, encased by Fomori-shaped horns.
{C} 0027 Torpor Orb 0057 First printed in New Phyrexia. Featuring a Fomori inscription.
{C} 0028 Transmutation Font 0058
{land symbol} 0029 Fomori Vault 0059
{land symbol} 0030 Tarnation Vista 0060

References[ | ]