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Outside assistance is a Acorn mechanic featured in Unstable and Unsanctioned that has the player interacting with a person from outside the game to get input of some kind.[1]


Cards with outside assistance require you to find a person not playing in your current game and ask them to do something, usually making a choice or choices about something that will impact your game.[2][3]


  • A "person outside the game" is any person anywhere except the people who are currently in your game.
  • Players who started in your game but are currently out of it are also outside the game.
  • It doesn't have to be a person who plays or knows Magic.
  • If there's no one else around, you may use your phone if you need to. Texting and calling are allowed, although, if you need the person outside the game to perform a physical action (such as high-fiving, becoming your teammate, that kind of thing), you may be out of luck.


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