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Race Spirit
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime unknown

Oyobi (Japanese: () () () ) was an enormous kami from Kamigawa who resembled a giant eagle, but with gossamer ribbons and feathers for a body. She seemed to float in the air, beautiful and majestic.

She started manifesting as a net of feathers and sinew in the sky above the border of Jukai forest, three months before the massacre at Reito. Konda sent a flight of his elite mothriders to deal with her, since Jukai's treeline was Towabara border, and the daimyo made a point of quelling every border skirmishes.

The great kami manifested completely just as the mothriders approached. The clouds parted and, from the rift above, Oyobi descended countless bird-like kami. In a matter of minutes, every rider had been toppled from his moth, plummeting into the Jukai forest below.[1]

In-game reference[]

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