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Origin Ikoria
User Lukka
Status Shattered

The Ozolith was a peculiar crystal formation on the plane of Ikoria, far to the north of Drannith. It was manipulated by an unnamed meddling planeswalker to influence the monsters of the plane.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Ozolith was one of the biggest crystal formations on the plains, outside of Drannith itself.[1] Unlike the Argalith, which lay at the center of Drannith’s defenses, the Ozolith wasn’t a single huge crystal but a whole field of them, growing in long, serpentine patterns, swirling in a great spiral around a central hub. The hub crystals were the largest, bright orange in color, but patterns of reflected light glittered throughout, spraying twisted rainbows onto the ground. The outermost rings were small enough to step over them, but the crystal growths became larger and more intimidating toward the center, until the hub was the size of a building.

History[edit | edit source]

The planeswalker Vivien Reid noticed sudden mutations and evolutions among the local fauna, as well as the new bondings between men and monsters. The non-bonded monsters were compelled to destroy human civilization and rage against Drannith. New creatures appeared, which seemed to defy the traditional five-clade system of categorization. Stronger and faster, and smarter as well. Vivien feared that this was all an unnamed planeswalker's doing.

Vivien and Lukka tracked the source of these changes to the Ozolith, where Lukka sensed pulsating energy within the crystal that called to him. Tapping into the power of the Ozolith and urged by a bodyless voice, Lukka realized he was able to control the mutated monsters and could turn them into weapons for Drannith.[2]

When Drannith refused his help, Lukka attacked the city with his monsters himself. In the heat of battle he used too much power. The Ozolith overloaded and shattered.

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