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Race Vedalken
Birthplace Kaladesh
Lifetime Mending Era

Padeem is a vedalken inventor of the self-repairing armor. Now in her fifties and a Consul, she shepherds fledgling inventors through the process of development. [1][2]


In her youth, Padeem was an adventurous artificer-duelist who earned renown for her invention of self-repairing armor. As she grew older, she turned the focus of her attention from enhanced combat to broader applications of gearcraft. Now in her fifties and long retired from dueling, Padeem sits among the Enlightened Keepers as Consul of Innovation, the committee that evaluates project proposals and ultimately decides which ones the Consulate will fund and pursue. She is responsible for overseeing new ideas through all Stages of initial development. Inventors who bring their proposals before her describe her as simultaneously direct in her critiques and encouraging in her ultimate evaluation. Now the Consulate is proud to present her as one of the judges of the Inventors' Fair.[3]

Saheeli got an audience with Padeem, so Rashmi could introduce her teleporter and participate in the Inventors' Fair.[2]

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