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Park Heights is the top tier of the metropolis of New Capenna, situated above the Mezzio. It is the primary home of the Brokers.


Park Heights is the airy uppermost borough of New Capenna where buildings glitter in chrome, gold, glass, and steel, scraping the sky and arcing above the clouds. There is nothing above Park Heights but the celestial arc of stars, and the people who call Park Heights home know it.[1]

The least densely populated borough of the city, Park Heights hosts the homes and headquarters of New Capenna's bosses, owners, and titans of industry. Opera houses, orchestra halls, members-only clubs, venues, shops, parks, estates, and gardens can all be found in Park Heights as well: anything exclusive, anything opulent, anything that citizens of the Caldaia and Mezzio think frivolous—but secretly desire—one can find in this borough of the city. It is a beautiful place, with rolling green parks, trees, public terraced gardens, aeries, waterscapes, fauna, and terraced gardens and the only borough where one can look up and see nothing but sky.[1]


  • The Cloud Spire - A seemingly inaccessible skyscraper that serves as the main Obscura stronghold and sanctum of the family's boss, Raffine.[2][3] In its uppermost observation decks, Raffine keeps her office amidst the Obscura's most sensitive, powerful instruments of augury and surveillance: the air itself is full of whispers and ghostly images, a real-time feed of the city fed to Raffine by her field agents.[1]
    • The Interfactorium - Contained in the lower levels of the Cloud Spire, where Obscura agents plot and scheme using scale maps of the entire city and a temporal-prophetic library of histories and potential futures.[1]
  • Crossponte Bridge Station - A train station connecting to Cloudponte Bridge in the Mezzio.[4]
  • Falco's penthouse.[1]
  • Ferara Park - The central feature of Park Heights, and the park that gave the borough its name. The city fathers commissioned landscape here that emulated the elysian acres of Old Capenna, including a kraken they imported and installed in the park's central lake.[1]
  • Grand Capenna Hall[5]
  • The Grand Opera House[6]
  • Mergino Fountain - A calm area of the city with orderly rows of palm-leaved bushes and winged architecture.[2]
  • Museum of Old Capenna - Headquarters of the Maestros and the family's boss, Anhelo, who serves as its chief curator.[7] Halo smoking is not allowed inside the building.[5] A museum that contains a vast library holding a million volumes on display, as well as miles of hidden passages beneath.[8] At the museum, one can wander through the warm, clean halls of New Capenna's history, viewing art, sculptures, and artifacts from the Kingdom Era, the city's early history, and even some contemporary pieces.[1]
    • The Shadow Hostel - An opulent safehouse containing Xander's Lounge, where assassins gather to trade secrets and contracts.[1]
    • Xander's Vault - Xander's private collection of artifacts, weapons, mementos, and art from before the city's founding.[3]
  • Upper Bridge Plaza[4]
    • Herculaneum Candy Shop - A candy shop owned by the devil Henzie Torre. It sells stained-glass and beetle-shell sugar candy, twizzle sticks, Halo-infused lollipops, and bittersweet horehound candy drops. Two blocks from Crossponte Bridge Station, it is popular among visitors from the Mezzio.[4]

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  • Park Heights' design is based on 1920's Hollywood.[9]


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