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Icehaven map.jpg
Plane Dominaria (plane)
Part of Icehaven
Status Fallen
Later part of Keld

The theocratic kingdom of Parma is one of the northern Domains of Dominaria, neighbouring Keld on the continent of Icehaven.[1][2] The cold land is home to the Northern Paladins and Frost Giants.[3] Parma's history is little-known, but it is mentioned in the Book of Tal, and as such probably dates back to The Dark Age or earlier. The people of Parma believe that the hardship of their environment is a spiritual purifier that winnows out the weak and strengthens the worthy.[4] The Northern Paladins travel throughout the Domains spreading their society's central teaching.

Parma's culture survived the Phyrexian Invasion, and eventually came into conflict with Radha and the folk of Keld and Skyshroud.