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The paruns were the original founders of the ten Ravnican guilds and as such the ones who signed the Guildpact.[1] After ten millennia very few still existed and even fewer were still in charge of their respective guilds.[2]

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  3. The entire Ghost Council of Orzhova, a.k.a. the Obzedat, signed the contract, but it is unknown which specific members signed and if any of them survived until Kaya's assassination of the Council.
  4. No official Parun was given for the Simic, but Cory Herndon, the author of the Ravnica Cycle planned it to be a vedalken biomancer named Simic. He also says that due to the way the Simic work, parts of the Parun may still be alive at the time of the books.
  5. This is corroborated by Brady Dommermuth, who established that Simic was his surname, but not his familiar name