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Path of the Planeswalker II
Path of the Planeswalker II.jpg
Publishing Information
Author(s) Doug Beyer, Brady Dommermuth, Jenna Helland
First printing June 21, 2011
ISBN-13 978-0786958528
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Path of the Planeswalker
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Path of the Planeswalker II is the second compilation of the Planeswalker webcomics, that had appeared on It was published in June 21, 2011.


Following the success of Path of the Planeswalker, the latest collection of Magic: The Gathering 's immensely popular Web comic series tops the original in style and concept. United by their ability to bridge the chaotic gap between worlds, and set apart by that same unfathomable power, Planeswalkers wander the Multiverse in an endless quest for knowledge and power. The life of a Planeswalker is one of infinite possibility, of self-determination free from the mundane boundaries of a single world, but sometimes the gift of choice can be the greatest burden.

Softcover, 192 pages, full color.



The continuation of the tale started in Path of the Planeswalker, leading to the release of the Eldrazi.

Enter the Eldrazi[]

Jace encounters the first Eldrazi, while Sarkhan Vol reports their awakening to his master Nicol Bolas. Bolas reveals that Sarkhan's failure in the Eye of Ugin was part of his masterplan.

The Wild Son[]

The origin story of Garruk Wildspeaker. How he became a planeswalker after the death of his father and the failed enlisting by the Sheriff of the King. Why is magic is connected with nature and wildlife and how he avenged his fathers' murder.

The Raven's Eye[]

The origin story of Liliana Vess. How treason and intrigue by the Raven Man led to the unwanted death of her brother by her own hands. How she became a necromancer and found the Chain Veil.

Gathering Forces[]

Koth of the Hammer brings Elspeth Tirel to Mirrodin and shows her the growing signs of the Phyrexian takeover. Elspeth's hate for Phyrexians is explained. They decide to forcefully enlist Venser of Urborg.


Koth, Venser and Elspeth wander over the surface Mirrodin, in a bid to find Karn. After an attack by Nim and Phyrexians, Koth and Venser are taken to the Mirrodin's Core. Elspeth liberates them and they make their way to the Vault of Whispers.

Dark Discoveries[]

Bolas sends Tezzeret to observe the growth of New Phyrexia, report its progress, and prevent leadership from taking hold. Tezzeret encounters Geth and Urabrask in the Vault of Whispers and finds Karn.

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