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Pathway lands are dual lands. They are modal double-faced cards which allow you to choose which of the two sides you want to play.[1][2]


The idea of "pick-a-color" dual lands was as old as Mirage, but the technology of double faced cards was not available until Innistrad debuted them. In lieu of such a design, they eventually arrived at fetch lands.[3] Incidentally, the progression of Standard available dual lands that went from fast land-check land-shock land-scry land-fetch land in Scars of Mirrodin block-Khans of Tarkir block was repeated in Kaladesh block to Zendikar Rising, with the Pathways coming in at the same relative space as Fetchlands did (i.e. after the Temples).

R&D decided that these cards not having a basic land type (and not being a basic land) was enough to make them not “strictly better” than basic lands.[4]

Six Pathway lands were included in Zendikar Rising (three ally-colored and three enemy-colored cards) and not the usual cycle of five. Four of them follow the four tribes of the party (three of which are enemy pairs), and for color balance the two allied {G} pairs of {G}{W} and {G}{R} were added. The other four were flagged for Kaldheim.[5][6][7]

Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2 is a boxed product that will become available in Spring, 2021.[8] It contains all ten Pathway Lands with alternate art. The six Pathways previously released in Zendikar Rising feature art set on Kaldheim. Reversely, the Pathways previously released in Kaldheim feature art set on Zendikar.


Set {dfc-front} Front side {dfc-back} Back side
Kaldheim Hengegate Pathway ({W}) Mistgate Pathway ({U})
Zendikar Rising Clearwater Pathway ({U}) Murkwater Pathway ({B})
Kaldheim Blightstep Pathway ({B}) Searstep Pathway ({R})
Zendikar Rising Cragcrown Pathway ({R}) Timbercrown Pathway ({G})
Zendikar Rising Branchloft Pathway ({G}) Boulderloft Pathway ({W})
Zendikar Rising Brightclimb Pathway ({W}) Grimclimb Pathway ({B})
Zendikar Rising Riverglide Pathway ({U}) Lavaglide Pathway ({R})
Kaldheim Darkbore Pathway ({B}) Slitherbore Pathway ({G})
Zendikar Rising Needleverge Pathway ({R}) Pillarverge Pathway ({W})
Kaldheim Barkchannel Pathway ({G}) Tidechannel Pathway ({U})


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