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Race Rhino
Birthplace New Capenna
Lifetime Present
Scryfall Search

Perrie the Pulverizer is a rhox enforcer in New Capenna. He is the toughest agent the Brokers have on retainer.


A hulking gray rhox with tiny eyes, Perrie was a boxer before joining the Brokers. He rose as a successful enforcer until he refused to punish a child who had broken his contract. On the outs with his family, he fought Ari and Leonard to regain some standing before joining Kros on a mission to recover Jolene. He has since regained some credit with Falco, the family's boss. He wears a pinstripe suit in which he carries an old shattered pocket watch and a tracking monocle. In his ear, he wears an Amplifier to learn updates on contracts. He also wears magical rings that can be used as brass knuckles or a gauntlet, and carries a hammer for harder fights. His mother left the plane's surface during the second exodus. Perrie is illiterate.[1]


Perrie didn't start off no suit-slinging Brokers agent. Big kid for his age, he ran errands for a watchmaker down in the Verts. But the old tinkerer was down on his luck. Never made the rent on time, bless his soul. Perrie swore he'd do right by his friend and entered the boxing ring for some of that sweet, sweet prize money. Turns out he was good at swinging those big fists. Real good. Earned himself a shiny new nickname, "Perrie, the Pulverizer." But violence for money never sat quite right.

That all changed when the pair was discussing a new watch over a coffee and a nearby robbery went south. The getaway car was barreling straight toward their café table! Fearless as ever, Perrie body slammed that automobile into the pavement. He saved the old man's life, though the watch didn't make it. The Brokers who came to evaluate the damage took a shine to Perrie's heroism and offered him a new gig, swinging a big gavel. This time, for the side of good. Heck, they even crafted him some fine armor from that wrecked car. But Perrie's still carrying that smashed-up watch. Sentimental and all, not like he'd admit that to ya.[2]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Contract Breaker Tobias S. Buckell 2022-03-28 Streets of New Capenna New Capenna Perrie, Junash, Ari, Leonard, Rigo, Falco Spara, Kros, Jolene

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