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Pete Venters
General Information
Born Ca. 1967
Status Active: Antiquities to Commander Legends
Style Comic book
Education/ Training Self taught
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artist:"Pete Venters"

Pete Venters is an artist who has worked freelance for Wizards of the Coast, starting in October 1993. He has drawn art for many Magic: The Gathering sets. He is also well known for his involvement within WotC to develop MtG's Creative Department. As Continuity Manager from Alliances till Urza's Saga, he was tasked to retain internal consistency of Dominia. In this capacity, he created storylines, art descriptions, flavor text and card names.

After a seven year pause, Venters returned to Magic in 2020 for a reinterpretation of his iconic Baron Sengir art in Commander Legends.[1]

Some well known illustrations[]


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