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Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica City, Ravnica

Phaskin was a Shift Commander of the Tenth Section in 9999 Z.C., a direct superior to Agrus Kos. He was planned to replace Ninth Section Commander Sulli Valenco on the first day of the new millennium.[1]

When Agrus Kos was badly wounded during the assassination attempt of Saint Bayul, Phaskin ordered the lieutenant to give up his case and pass it over to lieutenant Stanslov. Kos objected and Phaskin relieved him of duty. With the help of Feather, Kos escaped the infirmary and later led Fonn back to the Tenth Leaguehall mortuary. When Fonn took Bayul's green gem, Phaskin revealed his true self. Sometime before this moment, the real Phaskin was killed and replaced by lupul. He revealed himself and consumed lieutenant Stanslov. The false Phaskin was destroyed by Feather almost immediately after.