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Phil Foglio
General Information
Born May 1, 1956
Status Inactive: Antiquities to Unglued
Style Cartoon
Education/ Training DePaul University
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Phil Foglio is a prolific artist and writer who contributed to Magic: The Gathering for much of its early history, from Antiquities in 1994 to Unglued in 1998. He is known for his humorous, cartoon-like style.


Foglio was nominated for two Hugo Awards as a fan artist in 1976 and won one each in 1977 and 1978. He got his start as a professional artist in 1980, when he began writing and illustrating the comic strip What's New with Phil & Dixie in Dragon Magazine, the official magazine of Dungeons & Dragons. He rose to prominence in the mid-'80s with his comic book adaptations of Robert Lynn Asprin's MythAdventures novels. Foglio produced some work for DC Comics in the late '80s, including revamps of their 1960s humor titles Angel and the Ape and Stanley and His Monster. One of his best-known works to date is XXXenophile, a humorous black-and-white pornographic comic in which Foglio collaborated with numerous high-profile artists.

Foglio illustrated numerous Magic cards in the '90s. His first card, Mishra's Factory, co-illustrated with his wife, Kaja Foglio, appeared in Antiquities; he began solo illustrations in the next set, Legends. Foglio contributed off and on for the next four years until Tempest in 1997, when Magic started to move towards a more realistic art style. His final contribution to the game was Unglued in 1998, a parody set uniquely suited to Foglio's off-the-wall art style; for Unglued, Foglio used the pseudonym Claymore J. Flapdoodle.

During the 1990s, Foglio's comic, What's New, was picked up by the official Magic magazine, The Duelist. He was published in the magazine for most of its run, parodying Magic and other card games, before switching back to Dragon in 1999 (which had since been acquired by Wizards of the Coast).

Since his Magic days, Foglio has contributed to produce fantasy and sci-fi comics and illustration. His most popular work to date is Girl Genius, a steampunk-themed comic co-authored with his wife Kaja which is currently being published online as a webcomic.

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